Renault Laguna Coupe (07 - 12)

Used Renault Laguna Coupe 2007 - 2012 review

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(2007 - 2012)
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What's the used Renault Laguna coupe like?

Big, bold coupes are a niche vehicle these days, so the Renault Laguna coupe is a rarity on UK roads.

A generous specification means you get a lot of car for your money and, because the Coupe has never sold in large numbers, you'll be driving something that feels just that little bit special.

It's certainly good to look at but, despite the svelte bodywork, it's still a Laguna underneath, so you get the same interior design as the hatchback and estate model. Having said that, the cabin is well finished and comfortable.

There are four seats, although the limited legroom and sloping roofline make it a bit of a squeeze in the back for tall passengers.


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