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Nissan Primera Saloon (02 - 06) review

(2002 - 2006)
Nissan Primera Saloon (02 - 06)
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1 Jan 2006 00:00 | Last updated: 13 Jun 2018 18:55

What's the used Nissan Primera saloon like?

The Primera may not be quite as sharp to drive as a Ford Mondeo, but it isn't far off. It handles nicely through the bends, with plenty of grip and taut body control. Yet it also smooths out bumps at higher speeds.

The steering is overly light, though, and the ride is firm around town. However, all the engines are crisp, rev cleanly and work well with the standard manual gearbox.

On the motorway, it's a generally refined cruiser. However, there is a bit of wind rustle and the CVT auto (continuously variable transmission) can make the engine sound rowdy under hard acceleration.

The well-built, quirky cabin is a roomy five-seater, with the rear bench slightly higher than the front seats for an airier feel. The driving position is comfortable and, while the big boot is a useful size, it has an irritating narrow opening.

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