Top 10 pre-holiday car checks

Make sure your car doesn't let you down as you head off on holiday by doing some quick and simple checks before you leave...

1. Top 10 pre-holiday car checks
Pre-hioliday car checks
1. Oil and water
2. Brake and windscreen washer fluids
3. Are any light bulbs blown?
4. Are your lights and numberplates clean?
5. Wiper blades
6. Have a clearout
7. Make sure you’ve got breakdown cover
8. Wheels and tyres
9. Do you have the right equipment?
10. Fill your tank
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With the warm weather we've been having recently, many people will be considering whether now is a good time to go on holiday.

Well, whether you’re going on a driving holiday or just using your car to get to the airport, you won’t want it to let you down. And there's no worse start to a holiday than a hefty car repair bill.

Follow our quick and easy checks to ensure your holiday wheels keep rolling.

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