Bumper new car discounts available in August ahead of new emissions rules

Research by Lombardyexperience? reveals that savvy buyers can take advantage of big discounts ahead of the new WLTP emissions tests coming into force...

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06 August 2018

Bumper new car discounts available in August ahead of new emissions rules

Motorists in the UK could snap up some of the best deals ever seen on new cars this month thanks to the introduction of the Government’s new emissions regulations on 1 September, according to Lombardyexperience? New Car Buying.

From next month, almost all new cars sold must meet new, tougher emissions regulations that comply with the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP), designed to provide car buyers with more accurate information about real-world fuel economy.

The new test procedure has proven so exacting and expensive that many car manufacturers are struggling to have their cars certified in time, leading to some – including Audi, BMW, Peugeot, Porsche and Volkswagen – taking selected cars off sale.

As a result, a raft of heavily discounted cars are becoming available. The biggest discounts are either for in-stock cars that do not meet the new regulations but remain road legal, and which are typically available as ex-demo or pre-registration cars, or that do meet WLTP standards but which retailers are under pressure to sell to keep sales turnover high ahead of the new registration plate change in September.

Lombardyexperience? New Car Buying uses mystery shoppers to highlight the very best new car deals, setting a Target Price as the most you should pay for a car. It then links its online users with retailers willing to match or beat the Target Price, giving it a unique insight into the latest new car discounts available.

“Our latest analysis shows that there are some incredible deals out there at a time when discounts are traditionally harder to come by,” said Lombardyexperience? Editor, Steve Huntingford.

“Buyers have the choice of stock that the car manufacturers have to register before the new emissions regulations come in, or stock that they are keen to sell as a result of this normally being one of the busiest times of the year, when the September number plate change comes into effect.

“As a result, buyers using the Lombardyexperience? New Car Buying service at Lombardyexperience? are being offered some cars with incredible discounts, that match or beat our Target Price. Better still, these deals are available across a huge range of makes and models, so there are bargains out there for every type of buyer.“If you don’t need a car to be built to your personal spec, our advice is to ask retailers what cars they have in stock and start negotiating.”

These are the Target Price deals dealers are looking to beat.

Jaguar E-Pace

Target Price discount: 3%Minimum expected cash saving: £833

Bumper new car discounts available in August ahead of new emissions rules

The E-Pace is Jaguar's smallest SUV, and the sibling to the larger F-Pace. It offers great handling and a spacious interior, but only so-so material quality and a firm ride.

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Mazda MX-5

Bumper new car discounts available in August ahead of new emissions rules

Target Price discount: 5.8%Minimum expected cash saving: £1077

If you're looking for a sports car that won't cost you a fortune to buy and run, then there's no better choice than the MX-5. It combines a roof that's quick and easy to fold with hugely entertaining handling and tempting pricing, and even averages almost 50mpg in real-world conditions.

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Ford Fiesta (excluding ST and Style models)

Bumper new car discounts available in August ahead of new emissions rules

Target Price discount: 7.8%Minimum expected cash saving: £1160

The Fiesta has long been the benchmark small car for driving fun and this latest version continues that tradition. However, it also offers a classier interior than its predecessor and swaps that car's fiddly, button-heavy infotainment system for a more user-friendly touchscreen.

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