2019 BMW 3 Series interior

An all-new BMW 3 Series will go on sale next year, and we've been for an early drive to see if it can topple our current Executive Car of the Year, the Audi A4...

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Matt Saunders
15 August 2017

2019 BMW 3 Series interior

2019 BMW 3 Series interior

If you’re hoping to find out if the 3 Series feels her than our current favourite executive car, the A4, you’ll have to wait a few more weeks, because our prototype’s interior was under even heavier, carpet-like disguise than its bodywork. However, there are certainly signs that the new 3 Series will have a few more rich and luxurious materials than its predecessor, including glossy chrome accents around the air vents.

The car’s centre console looks to have had a redesign, too, with separate driving mode buttons (Sport, Comfort, Eco Pro and so on) replacing BMW’s long-standing rocker selector. And practicality has been improved, with a notable gain in rear leg room evident, and extra head and elbow room in the front seats.

The biggest change ahead of the driver is likely to be the option of fully digital instruments in place of the part-digital ones you find on the 5 Series and 7 Series. BMW has chosen to drop the fixed chrome bezels of its existing digital instruments, opting instead for more angular-looking screens which, you’d assume, offer a greater number of display modes.

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