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BMW X2 review

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It’s fair to say that German brands like to create niches within niches. After all, why settle for one type of car when you can have two? The latest example of this automotive cross-pollination is the BMW X2, the love child of a compact SUV and a svelte coupé.

This isn’t the first big BMW SUV to be given the sleek styling treatment. A decade ago, the bigger X6 came into being when the X5 was given a coupé makeover. Its smaller X3 sister followed suit a bit later on, emerging as the svelte X4.

Now it’s time for the X1 to don a dressier set of clothes, and the X2 is the result. By adopting a lower roofline and shorter overall length, the X2 trades a little practicality for looks. Even so, BMW promises enough room for you, your friends and all the lifestyle equipment you’re likely to want to carry.

There’s a range of frugal yet punchy engines: petrol models with front wheel drive and diesels with BMW’s xDrive four-wheel drive system. Over the next few pages, we’ll cover how it drives, what the interior is like and what it’ll cost you to buy and run.

Keep reading to find out which is our favourite version and how it stacks up against rivals such as the Jaguar E-Pace and Audi Q3.

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